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Careers in the Forest and Timber Industry

The forest and timber industry offers a wide range of exciting and rewarding career options for those looking to make a difference in the environment. From forestry and conservation to sawmilling and processing, there are a number of opportunities waiting for those ready to grow a career in a sustainable industry. With the right training and experience, a career in our renewable industry can be incredibly varied and rewarding. If you’re interested, there are plenty of programs available to help you get started., gain the right qualifications and experience, and assist you on the path to grow a rewarding career in the forest and timber industry.

Forest Operations

If you like the outdoors, why not put your eco-friendly passion to work planting trees and managing forests?

Work with your colleagues to sustainably plan and manage forests to enhance productivity and ecological outcomes. In general, jobs in this sector cover activities ranging from planting, weeding, pruning and pest management, to felling trees, fire management and road construction and maintenance.

Harvest & Haulage

If you like working out in the bush, are interested in machinery and care about environmental best practices, consider a career in the harvest and haulage industry.

The sector covers activities ranging from constructing roads and log-landings, plant and equipment operation to harvesting trees, stump removal and segregating or sorting logs.

Sawmilling & Processing

If you like hands-on work, are interested working with machinery and would enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference because you’re producing one of the world’s most environmentally friendly building materials then consider a career working in the sawmilling and processing industry.

Roles in this sector include activities ranging from sawing logs, producing hardwood or softwood chips, kiln drying, conducting end matching and finger jointing operations to weighing loads. Skilled trades include Saw Technicians who are responsible for making, repairing and maintaining saws and a wide range of cutting tools and Wood Machinists who are one of the most highly skilled people in a saw mill, setting up and operating planers, saws, moulders and more.

“I started working in the industry because I feel I can make a difference in particular to sustainability in our forests as well as the fight against climate change.”

Forest Scientist at HQ Plantations

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