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Interested in learning about what a career in the forest and timber industry looks like?

Discover Queensland's Forest and Timber Industry:
Where Nature and Sustainability Thrive!

Queensland is blessed with a diverse range of forests, from dense native forests, including native cypress to mature softwood plantations which are dominated by exotic pine and hoop pine. These natural wonders provide the ideal habitat for a wide variety of timber species to thrive. What makes it even more incredible is that our industry is committed to preserving these forests for future generations by practicing responsible and sustainable forestry.

Why is this industry so important? Well, not only does it contribute significantly to Queensland's economy, but it also creates numerous job opportunities, benefiting local communities. Whether you have a passion for forestry, craftsmanship or innovative design, there's a place for you in this industry. Skilled professionals manage and preserve our forests, while artisans and craftsmen transform timber into stunning products.

Speaking of products, Queensland's forest and timber industry plays a crucial role in providing sustainable and renewable materials for construction. From sturdy hardwoods to beautiful softwoods, our responsibly sourced timber finds its way into eco-friendly homes, unique architectural designs and stylish furniture pieces. By using timber, we contribute to a greener future while enjoying the natural beauty it offers.

So whether you're curious about responsible forestry, interested in sustainable careers, or simply fascinated by the craftsmanship behind woodworking, we invite you to explore our resources which you will find below. Join us in preserving nature, fostering sustainability, and building a brighter future for our planet!

“I started working in the industry because I feel I can make a difference in particular to sustainability in our forests as well as the fight against climate change.”

Forest Scientist at HQ Plantations

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